Food Tasting Sessions

We recently held an in-house food tasting session for the dishes we serve at Capri by Fraser.

Below are some of the dishes we tried:

Chocolate pralines

Duck spaghetti

Hokkien mee


Sambal fish (available for Seafoodlicious)

Pork knuckles (available for Meatilicious)

Mini wagyu burgers


Gong Xi Fa Cai – Chinese New Year Celebrations Part 2: Food


Every celebration has three main elements – Food, Fun and People, and Chinese New Year is no different. Food plays an important role in the CNY celebrations and the dishes selected are either on the basis of their appearance or the way they sound. Some foods such as fish, mandarin oranges and nian gao (a type of Chinese cake) are especially popular due to the auspicious significance attached to their name, which sound similar to words meaning luck, wealth, prosperity etc. Some if common dishes include fish (“yu” – abundance), black moss (“fa cai” – wealth), whole chicken (completeness) and long noodles (longevity).

The biggest event of any Chinese New Year’s Eve is the Reunion Dinner or the “tuan yuan fan” on the eve of CNY. Family members get together and have a big feast usually in or near the home of the most senior member of the family. The New Year’s Eve dinner is very large and traditionally includes dishes of meat and fish. The Chinese believe that having plenty of sumptuous food during the reunion dinner represents a good start to the New Year, and each dish symbolises the hopes and wishes that the family members have for each other.  Traditionally fish is included in the meal, but is not eaten completely. The remaining part is stored overnight, as the Chinese phrase “may there be surpluses every year” sounds the same as “let there be fish every year.” The Cantonese word for lettuce sounds like rising fortune, so it is also common to serve lettuce wraps filled with other lucky food.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Nathaniel

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Nathaniel

Another CNY tradition is to have “yusheng”, also known as “lou hei” or prosperity toss. Raw fish slices are served together with carrot and turnip strips, crackers and other ingredients. Each ingredient carries a meaning, for example: fish means “nian nian you yu” – abundance through the year, and crackers represent “man di huang jing” – floor full of gold. Oil and seasonings are poured over the dry ingredients in turn, and the tradition is to say a blessing that correlates to the ingredient that is being added.

Once everything is added, the toss begins! Everyone stands up and tosses the mixture together with chopsticks while saying auspicious wishes to each other. It’s usually an enthusiastic affair as the belief is that the height of the toss correlates to the height of the person’s growth of fortunes.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to BrokenSphere

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to BrokenSphere

On CNY itself, when families go around visiting friends and relatives, they bring gifts of mandarin and oranges as their Chinese names sound like “gold” and “wealth” representing good fortune. And at home, festive snacks and tidbits are laid out for everyone to enjoy. Treats like bak kwa, pineapple tarts, love letters and prawn rolls are especially popular!

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Terence Ong

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Terence Ong

Chinese New Year is no time to be on a diet, with all the good food around! It’s a time for fun, food and meeting friends and family.

In Singapore Chinese New Year is celebrated with as much fervour. The whole city is decked up with lights and red hanging decorations.  Special food and treats for the CNY can be seen being sold all over the city. Buzzing with activity China Town is the not to be missed part of the city state. One can actually soak in the atmosphere here and feel the pulsating excitement of the celebrations.

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore for Chinese New Year, or planning to treat yourself to a relaxing staycation for the holidays, make Capri by Fraser your choice of accommodation!

Capri by Fraser


For those who are looking for dining options for CNY or Valentine’s Day, why not try our special festive set menus!


Gong Xi Fa Cai – Chinese New Year Celebrations Part 1: Customs & Traditions

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to ahisgett

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to ahisgett

January is coming to an end – shopping malls are playing festive Chinese tunes, the color red is to be
seen everywhere, festivity is enveloping the whole island and we all know the reason … Chinese
New Year is soon to be here again!

Also known as the “Lunar New Year”, Chinese New Year is the most important of all traditional
Chinese holidays. It marks the start of the Chinese calendar, and lasts for 15 days. Chinese New Year
is celebrated by Chinese communities all around the world. Also known as “CNY” in Singapore, it
is observed by Singaporeans of the Chinese lineage. Dazzling lights, shops and stores packed with
festive treats, and the auspicious Chinese lion dances can be seen all over the city and Chinatown
is the best place to soak in the festivities with its busy restaurants, decorated streets and specialty

Generally, Chinese New Year falls on different dates between January 21st to February 20th every
year. This year, it falls on the 10th of February. (For those looking to visit Singapore during this time
to soak in the atmosphere and festivities, take note of the dates!)

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Eric Benacek

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Eric Benacek

The origin of how Chinese New Year celebrations came about is a centuries-old legend. There once
lived a terrible mythical lion-headed monster named 年 (nian), the Chinese word for “year”, who
preyed on villagers. As 年 was afraid of loud noises and the colour red, one wise old man advised the
villagers to scare it away by letting off firecrackers, hitting drums and hanging red paper cut-outs on
their doors. 年 was thus conquered, and on the anniversary of the day, Chinese celebrate the passing
of the 年 (过年 guo nian – synonymous with celebrating the New Year). And that is why one of the
traditional celebrations of Chinese New Year is the lion dance.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Denise Chan

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Denise Chan

The regional customs and traditions of celebrating Chinese New Year varies with different countries;
for Singaporeans, it’s traditional to do a spring-cleaning of the house to “sweep” away the old and
make way for the new. Homes are also adorned with Chinese New Year decorations such as pussy
willow and bamboo plants, poetic couplets, and traditional snacks like love letters and pineapple
tarts, and best of all (for the kids), the candy tray, are served.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Calvin Teo

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Calvin Teo

People also shop for new clothes, especially those in bright cheery colours like red, to usher in the
festivities. Married people prepare “hong baos” (red packets containing money) which are given out
during Chinese New Year for good luck. And finally, there is the reunion dinner which takes place
on the eve, which is all about reuniting the family for an annual feast. On Chinese New Year itself,
families go around to each other’s’ houses for visiting, eating and catching up.

Frasers Hospitality

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore for Chinese New Year, or planning to treat yourself to a relaxing
staycation for the holidays, book a stay with us at Capri by Fraser!

Our hotel comes equipped with all the facilities you want, such as a 24 hour gym, swimming pool,
spa, spin & play rooms and more. Everything you need for a delightful stay!

Pamper Yourself With (Malin+Goetz)

Image courtesy of Darren from

Image courtesy of Darren from

Have you heard of Malin+Goetz? This New York skincare brand arrived on the scene in 2004 and has since been making waves with their super cool range of face, body and hair care products.

And Capri by Fraser is the first hotel in Singapore to use Malin+Goetz products!

All Capri by Fraser bathrooms come equipped with invigorating rain showers which help you wash away the stress of the day. Not only this, you can also pamper yourself with the array of Malin+Goetz products provided , which include the Peppermint Shampoo, Cilantro Hair Conditioner, Vitamin B5 Body Wash and Rum Body Wash.

The brand, named after its creators Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, has become a cult fave due to their use of natural ingredients in their products. Suited well for the sensitive skin also; products that deliver what they promise – purification, cleansing and hydration.

Image courtesy of Darren from

Image courtesy of Darren from

Treat yourself to a relaxing vacation at Capri by Fraser, and have a squeaky-clean fun time with the Malin+Goetz products!

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Pictures from Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore’s Pool Party

Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore had its very first pool party on the 5th October 2012 to celebrate the official launch of Capri by Fraser, a new concept in hospitality. And it was fantastic! Again, the biggest THANK YOU to all those who came – we hope you had as much fun as we did! Check out some of the party pictures that were taken.

The cast of Thomas & Train

Our DJ doing his thing

Lisa Pang (KBA Training) and Christine Tan (KB Associates)

Lily Yeo (Donaldson Filtration (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd) and Michael Shelvan

Vincent and Jenny (VT Travel)

Did you try the cocktails prepared by our mixologists?

Finger food served during the party

Our lives today are a blur. Working, relaxing and socializing are impossible to distinguish. We are constantly connected. Always on the move. And when we’re away from home, we seek a comfy, functional space that seamlessly meets our individual business and leisure needs. Welcome to a new concept in hospitality. Capri by Fraser. With 313 spacious studios with kitchenettes, and the smartest facilities designed around your lifestyle, you don’t need another reason why you should stay at Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore.

Book a stay with us today!

Capri by Fraser, Changi City Pool Party October 5th 2012

Frasers Hospitality has launched its third brand “Capri by Fraser”, with the opening of the 313-suite Changi City/ Singapore at Changi Business Park. Designed to meet the lifestyle needs of the digital generation, Capri by Fraser cuts through the conformity of typical hotels by offering residents an extensive range of facilities and customization services together with the comfort and convenience of a full serviced residence.

On October 5 2012, Capri by Fraser is hosting an exclusive invite only pool party at Changi City Singapore to celebrate our official launch and we want you to come!

Venue:     Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore. Level 2, Pool.

Time:       7 p.m to 10 p.m

Watch performances by DJ Koflow, and as well as a live band featuring Robert Nalin, Christy Smith, Aya Sekin and Leonardo Mendoza! Be blown away by our tasty cocktails such as Berry N Rose, Cinnful, Seraph Cup, La Terra Elixir, etc. concocted by our guest mixologists!

Lucky party goers stand to win the following prizes on the night itself,

  • 3 days 2 nights stay at Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore
  • 3 days 2 nights stay at Capri by Fraser, Ho Chi Min
  • 3 days 2 nights stay at Modena Shanghai

DJ Wayne AKA Koflow

Voted as the “Best Turntablist 2010 and in 2011”, hailed as the ‘Grandmaster of Flash’ in 2009 and voted best DJ 2008 by Juice magazine, Singapore’s DMC champion 2003 and Thirst Champion 2005 (with many more awards and accolades to his name). Recently in 2012, he is also included as one of the musicians whom had made a difference in Singapore’s music landscape in the past 10 years by the Esplanade Singapore as they paid tribute to the individuals.

Breaking the confines of turntablism that has taken him far beyond our shores, He has wowed audience and shared the stage with international artistes that include Nas, Missy Elliot, The Black Eyed Peas, Akon and Kanye West, just to name a few. He also brought his music revolution to numerous festivals such as MTV Pattaya music festival, Battle of the year, RedBull BCone, F1 Racing post parties, Siloso Beach Party as well as The Asian Hip Hop Festival in Bangkok.

Robert Nalin

Robert Nalin is the drummer well known as the “groove master” for his balance of technical precision with innovative and stylized grooves. Inspired as a child by the rhythms of the Indian Temples, it was natural for Robert to progress from a young age to become one of the most widely recognized & inspirational drummers in Asia.

Christy Smith

Christy Smith is a phenomenally versatile bassist from California USA who is as comfortable on electric bass as he is on the upright, and as happy to be playing hard-nosed funk grooves as he is to be improvising over complex contemporary jazz progressions and meters.

Leonardo Francisco Mendoza

Born into a family of musicians, Leo has been playing the saxophone and ethnic wind instruments for as long as he can remember. He has performed and recorded with various musicians and singers, including extraordinaires like Michael Stanton, Christy Smith, Mohammed Noor, Richard Jackson, Denise Menningfield, Casey Subramaniam, JJ Lin, Jeremy Tordjman and Alemay Fernandez.

Aya Sekine

Aya graduated from Berklee College in 1994, during which time she was introduced to jazz and especially Bebop. Upon graduation she moved to the music capital of the world, New York City where she was exposed to every sort of music from Brazilian to freestyle and experimental improvisation. After spending nine years in New York City, she returned to Singapore where she became resident pianist at Jazz@Southbridge.

How to find us

Capri by Fraser

Capri by Fraser Changi City, Singapore
3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486037

Tel : +65 6933 9833

Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

Every September, thousands of lanterns line the streets of Chinatown for a very special occasion – The Mid-Autumn Festival, also commonly referred to as the Mooncake or Lantern Festival. The actual day of the festival falls on 30th September 2012, but there’s plenty to do, eat, and see throughout the entire month though, so be sure to join in the festivities if you happen to be in Singapore during this time!

Mid-Autumn Traditions: Mooncakes
Mooncakes are traditional Chinese pastries that contain a thick and sweet paste, typically made of lotus seed or sweet bean, surrounded by a thin layer of crust. During the festival, you can get these delicious pastries from practically every single bakery/confectionary in Singapore, especially Chinatown.

According to ancient Chinese folklore, during the overthrowing of Mongol rule, the Ming revolutionaries passed messages hidden within mooncakes to coordinate the revolt. The revolution was a huge success, and the tradition of eating these mouth-watering cakes continues to thrive till date.

The 15th day of the Eighth Lunar Month is usually calculated to coincide of a full moon, and there’s no better time to watch the moon than during this time of the year! Families typically gather outdoors during this time to socialize with each other, eat moon cakes and drink tea around a circular table as a symbol of family reunion and longevity.

In Chinese folklore and culture, lanterns are said to be able to chase away evil spirits and demons. Regarded as an indispensable part of traditional lunar festivals, children and their families would either buy or make colorful lanterns for the Mid-Autumn and parade them in parks or along the streets.

Chinatown – Most of the Mid-Autumn festival action takes place here in Chinatown. With thousands of lanterns dressing up its streets and traditional performances, it is hard to not get caught up in the festivities.

In fact aside from the Chinese New Year, this is one of the few times where one can witness the famed ‘Chinese Dragon Dance’ in all its splendor and finesse.

Jurong Gardens (Chinese Garden) – Every year, this quiet little garden comes to life with the Mid-Autumn celebrations and the biggest lantern exhibition of the year. The garden’s pagodas, bridges and lakes teem with activity, as families and little children walk around with their lanterns whilst soaking up the festive atmosphere.

Getting There from Capri
Chinatown: From Changi Business Park, take Changi South Avenue 1 to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), heading towards CTE. Take exit 15A that merges into CTE and head toward City. From CTE, take Exit 1B towards Outram Road, and then make a left turn to Eu Tong Sen Street, where Chinatown resides.

Jurong Gardens:  From Changi Business Park, take Changi South Avenue 1 to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), heading towards Jurong. Take Exit 31 out onto Jurong Town Hall Road, and turn right onto Boon Lay Way. Jurong Gardens, or Chinese Gardens, is located right next to the Chinese Garden MRT Station (EW25).

If you are going to be Singapore during this time, stay with us at our newly opened Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore and take advantage of our promotions!


Opening Special

15th Aug 2012 – 15th Nov 2012
Enjoy rates from S$198++ for a limited season only!

Stay 3 / Pay 2

15th Aug 2012 – 6th Jan 2013
Stay 3 Nights for the Price of 2

The Early Bird

15th Aug 2012 – 6th Jan 2013
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2012 Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Calling all F1 enthusiasts! The Singapore leg of the Formula 1 World Championships will be held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 21-23, 2012. The entire Singapore Marina Bay Area is brimming with activity right now as this city-state prepares itself for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Here’s a quick guide to this year’s Singapore Grand Prix Weekend.

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia (Credit to chensiyuan)

Drivers Rankings and Race Highlights

This year, crowd favourites Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen are currently ranked overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively after last week’s Italian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber from Red Bull-Renault occupy 4th and 5th positions, with their team currently in the 1st place for the Constructors’ Championship.

Taken from Wikipedia (Credit to Ryan Bayona)

The McLaren team is currently in 2nd place for Constructors’ Championships, whether will they overtake Red Bull-Renault and win the championship remains to be seen.

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia (Credit to Morio)

Meanwhile, Alonso is determined to “put out a perfect display right to the end” for Singapore, putting the Ferrari team in a good contending position to overtake McLaren’s 2nd placing in the Constructors’ Championships. The Spaniard who has currently been conservative in the past few races vows to drive more offensively and extend his lead over Hamilton and Raikkonen. On top of that, the sheer combined challenge of a night AND street circuit makes the Singapore leg of the F1 World Championships an exciting race that simply cannot be missed.

Singapore Grand Prix Events At a Glance:

Friday 21 September
18:00 – 19:30       Formula One     First Practice Session
21:30 – 23:00       Formula One     Second Practice Session
Grand Prix Entertainment Stage (Padang): Taiwanese Superstar Jay Chou

Saturday, 22 September
18:00 – 19:00       Formula One     Third Practice Session
21:00 – 22:00       Formula One     Qualifying Session
Grand Prix Entertainment Stage (Padang): 3-time Grammy Award Winners, Maroon 5

Sunday, 23 September
20:00 – 22:00       Formula One     Race
Grand Prix Entertainment Stage (Padang): 8-time Grammy Award Nominee, Katy Perry

Getting There from Capri by Fraser

Staying with us during the GP Season? Because the Marina Bay Night Circuit is actually part of a street circuit, there will be several road closures and we strongly advise against driving there. From Capri by Fraser Changi City, there are several public transport alternatives you can take to get to the circuit. From the Expo MRT Station, take the East-West line in the direction towards Jurong East. Alight at City Hall, and there will be signs and guides that will direct you to various parts of the circuit and the grandstands.

Stay at Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore and take advantage of the offers that we have!

Stay 3 / Pay 2 Promotion

15th Aug 2012 – 6th Jan 2013
Stay 3 Nights for the Price of 2

The Early Bird

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