3 reasons you need a holiday, stat!

Sure, everyone wants to go on holiday. But why do so many of us find it so hard to actually find the time – and to truly disconnect? And why do we feel guilty, feeling like we’re being self-indulgent and shirking our responsibilities?The reality is, taking a break is part of being a good employee, spouse, parent and human being! Your regular, jam-packed routine can take its toll, and sometimes, the hardest time to take a vacation is exactly when you need it the most.


Here are three big reasons you need a holiday:

Get inspired

At some point, all of us would feel like we’ve lost our “mojo” at work. Then it’s about time to get some inspiration reload! Being surrounded in the same, stagnant environment can bore you and make your output equally stagnant. Get out for some fun, laughter, sun or snow (if you prefer), and visit places that can make you feel happy and inspired. Plus, taking some time out can help combat the effects of burnout at work and at home. It can help to give you that extra focus you need to perform at your best!

Rebuild your body

It’s easy to underestimate the impact a chronic lack of good rest can do to your body. Sometimes all you need to heal yourself is getting better sleep! You won’t just feel better rested – studies have shown that getting enough sleep leads to better memory, reduced inflammation, boosts in creativity, improved athletic performance and many more benefits! So go on holiday, get away from all the usual stressors of your life and make sure you get a good night’s sleep

Get fit!

You actually can regain fitness just by going on holidays. Vacations often demand that we are more active (sightseeing can involve a lot of walking!) and offer many other fun ways to get our blood pumping, whether it’s swimming or skiing or white water rafting!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the fitness facilities where you’re staying as well. At Capri properties, for example, our fully-equipped gyms are open around the clock! And if you’re at our property in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll even have access to the Yoga and Aerobics room 24/7. There’s no excuse for not getting a workout in!

So, get planning and start booking!

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