Clear out the old

Ready for a fresh start this new year? The award-winning architects of eco-id reveal the small touches that will make a big difference to your home.

Rather than an ambitious overhaul of your living space, try these stress-free décor tricks to help reinvent your crib with minimal effort. The experts from multi- disciplinary architectural practice
 eco-id, responsible for the stunning Capri by Fraser properties, have revealed 10 simple steps for creating the impression of space and order:

Avoid employing more than two types of wood in a given space

While no one likes the dated effect of overly coordinated design elements, mixing up multiple wood grains, tones and textures disrupts the visual flow of a room. Stick to similar wood veneers for consistency and a streamlined look.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA12

Organise your storage space to reduce clutter

Clutter is the biggest obstacle to a healthy flow of energy in a home. From organising past issues of magazines into holders and spring cleaning your closet to concealing exposed shelves with a DIY roller blind, every little step you take to declutter can make your home feel dramatically airier and more spacious.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA11

Use light colours on walls and floor to brighten a room

Pale colours help reflect light and make a room appear better illuminated, or even bigger than it really is. While white-on-white rooms may be too stark, pick off-white neutrals in the same tone (warm or cool) to create the same effect. Or simply paint the ceiling white to instantly perk up the space!

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA13

Hang pictures on the wall

A well-curated selection of photos or paintings adds visual interest to any home as well as a personal touch. And if you hang them up all at the same height, an illusion of order is created.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA14

Put up mirrors to visually enlarge small spaces

Whether it’s the use of multiple mirrors or one gigantic reflective surface on a wall, mirrors are the easiest house hacks for faking plenty of room. For lazy DIY-ers, consider propping a heavy, framed mirror up against the wall to avoid having to dig out the drill or hammer.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA15

 Use warm-coloured light bulbs for a cosy ambience

Due to how our bodies react to light, warm lighting seems to aid relaxation, while bluish, cool-tone light (like that emitted by electronic devices with screens) tends to boost attention.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA16

A combination of floor and table lamps breaks visual monotony

A mix of lighting at different heights add that something extra to a room as well as create a new dimension to a space. A variety of lighting effects also contributes to a welcoming aura for inhabitants and guests alike.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA17

Use a rug to anchor the seating arrangement in the living room

Define the seating area or create a statement with a stand-out rug. While hard stone or wood flooring might impart a sense of luxury or warmth, soft touches like a beautiful area carpet give a room a comforting touch.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA18

Colour-coordinate soft furnishing

From drapes and bedspreads to upholstery and cushion covers, consider matching the soft textures in a room by sticking to the same family of hues. It’s the easiest route to conveying visual harmony in a snap.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA19

Employ just one feature wall in a space

A feature wall is a great alternative to giving your home a full makeover. Identify where your eye is naturally drawn to when you enter the room and make it your focal point by introducing a new colour, wallpaper or mural. Just remember, less is always more.

1204_Issue 18_Cachet_FA20

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