Capri’s Anti-Gift Guide

While everyone’s making wishlists for Santa this Christmas, let’s look into the worst gifts one could ever give or receive.

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Here’s what’s NOT to give for Christmas:

Novelty items

Anything considered a novelty should not be bought for a gift. When we say novelty, it’s any object that is specifically designed to serve no practical purpose and is sold for its uniqueness or humour.

The unwritten rule of getting a novelty item is if you like it, you get one for yourself – not others! It could be funny, cute or funky but no one’s going to love a gift that isn’t practical or functional.


An organiser? Yes, please.

A calendar? No thanks!

It’s going to be 2015! We have calendars on our desktops, laptops, tablets, watches and phones. Let’s face it. The only time we go flipping the calendars is to check on public holidays and even that, now, is on the net.

You want to be appreciated for the gifts we’re giving, NOT labeled as old-fashioned, so cross out calendars off your Christmas shopping list.

Holiday-themed items

We know the holidays are here. Nobody is going to wear a holiday sweater on Christmas Day, on New Year’s… or ever. Holiday-themed merchandise is definitely not on anyone’s Christmas wishlist. Let’s not be boring and predictable!


Perfumes are very personal, and it’s not easy to please someone with a new scent. Not everyone would be as adventurous as to change their signature scent and just because you like the scent, doesn’t mean the receiver will.

Also, did you know that according to the ancient Chinese and Greek beliefs, giving perfume causes relationship breakups? However, in today’s situation, if a person gives you perfume, it is very likely that you’re giving out bad odour. We say perfumes should remain as a gift no-no!

Gifts should be special and practical! We hope this gives a good idea on what to remove from that Christmas shopping list!

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