Top Vacation Sites in the Asia Pacific


Here are some vacation destinations in the Asia Pacific region (yes, less than 7 hours away by plane!), just for the kids celebrating their June holidays in Singapore.

Osaka, Japan (> 7 hours)

Osaka manages to intertwine urban city life and a rich culture. Top attractions include the Osaka Aquarium, Umeda Sky Building and Osaka-jo castle.

Staying in Osaka:

Tourist Information:

Penang, Malaysia (> 2 hours)

Penang, Malaysia, is a small town that’s home to amazing hawker food. Here, you’ll find quaint streets and little shops full of delectable goodies. Stop by Little India and Chinatown, and visit the Royal Selangor and Penang Museum.

Tourist information:

Perth, Australia (> 6 hours)

Australia, the sixth largest country in the world, is home to the slower-paced city of Perth. Top attractions in Perth include Fremantle, Kings Park and Botanic Garden and the Aquarium of Western Australia.

Staying in Perth:

Tourist information:

Taiwan (> 5 hours)

Most venture to Taiwan for the bustling night markets (Miaokou Night Market) and plethora of food. But there are also the scenic parts of Taiwan that’s  well worth a visit, like the Taroko Gorge and Yushan Peaks.

Tourist information:

Seoul, South Korea (> 7 hours)

Vibrant, loud and bustling… These would be the top three adjectives used to describe Seoul. It’s a fantastic holiday destination for those who love to eat and shop. Visit the Gwangjang Market, Noryanjin Fish Market, N Seoul Tower and Changeokgung palace.

Staying in Seoul:

Tourist information:

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