Embracing cultural diversity: Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam



It’s World Day for Cultural Diversity tomorrow! As a tribute, we’ve outlined various wedding traditions in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Aside from the Chinese tea ceremony and wedding dinner banquet, grooms in Singapore have to undergo the traditional gatecrashing, where the groom and his groomsmen have to survive games set by the bridesmaids, in order to collect his bride before the wedding. These games include downing food and drink concoctions to physical activities like push ups.

A Malay wedding involves a tradition called “bersanding”, where the groom goes to the bride’s house to collect his bride. Male musicians escort him throughout this walk. After collecting his bride and arriving at the wedding venue, both the bride and groom sit on a lavishly decorated stage (called a “pelamin”) at the front of the venue. They then share their first meal together have a picture taking session with the guests.

A traditional Indian wedding usually comprises of a “mehndi” ceremony, where the groom and his family visit the bride at home and presents her with bangles. After which, her hands and feet are decorated with intricate patterns with “henna”, a special paste that stains the skin. It is believed that the darkness of the stain represents the deep love of the groom.

Malay weddings in Malaysia are similar to those in Singapore. Another of these traditions is worth a mention is the sprinkling of the groom and his party with yellow rice and scented water before they arrive at the home of the bride. This is a sign of blessing. After which, the whole group gathers to watch a Malay martial arts performance and the elder family members engage in a jovial exchange of funny verses in the form of poems (called “berbalas pantun”).

One of the traditions of a Vietnamese wedding ceremony is for the groom and his family to officially ask for permission to receive the bride on the wedding day. They arrive at the bride’s house with gifts of betel leaves, nuts, wines, fruits and cakes. When the bride’s family accepts, fireworks are fired to officially receive the groom and his family. After this, the wedding can officially happen.

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