The Blissful Sauna

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Todtanis

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Todtanis


After a tough workout, it feels great to soothe your sore and aching muscles in a sauna. This small, hot room may induce claustrophobic feelings in some people, but for those who can take it, saunas can provide numerous benefits. Most people have or have tried sauna sessions before but do you know how it came about? Read on!

Saunas originated in Finland about 2000 years ago. The word “sauna” (pronounced sow-nah) is the only Finnish word in the English dictionary and it means “bath” and “bathhouse”.

They started out as small pits dug in the earth to keep warm during harsh winters. The sauna featured a fireplace where stones were heated to a high temperature. Water was then thrown over these stones to produce steam and additional heat. People started taking off their clothes so that they could feel the sensation of steam on their body. And that was the first sauna ever experienced!

The sauna went through several evolutions over the years to become what it is today. However, the purpose, enjoyment and benefits remain the same, and saunas have become increasingly popular globally!


Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Jorge Royan

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Jorge Royan


Sauna cultures around the world:

– In Africa, sauna temperatures are kept much lower than in Europe.

– In Finland, the birthplace of saunas, almost every home has a built-in sauna.

– Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland and Lithuania have the hottest saunas.

– In German-speaking countries, there are “dunking pools” (pools filled with very cold water) provided for people to wash themselves after a sauna session.

– In Korea, saunas are essentially public bathhouses with hot tubs, steam rooms and shower facilities.


Benefits of saunas:

  • Soothe and loosen sore muscles after a workout (which is why they are commonly found in gyms).
  • Increased blood circulation – this circulation helps in detoxification and brings nutrients to the surface, resulting in healthy glowing skin.
  • Reduce stress and relaxation – sauna baths makes you feel rejuvenated and helps you get a better sleep.
  • Improved immunity – sauna gives you an “artificial fever” (hyperthermia) that wakes up your immune system, resulting in an increased production of disease fighting white blood cells and antibodies.


Some precautions to take note of:

  • Drink some water and take a quick shower to hydrate and moisten your body before entering. Afterwards, drink water again to replace the fluids lost in the sauna.
  • Before you enter the sauna, be sure that you have cooled down from your workout. This is to prevent heat stroke.
  • Do not stay in the sauna for longer than 10-15 minutes. Exit if you feel uncomfortable or sleepy.
  • If you are pregnant, or suffering from low blood pressure, do not risk using the sauna as the high temperature can be harmful.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Härmägeddon

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Härmägeddon


At Capri by Fraser, you too can enjoy the benefits of a sauna and steam bath session!

After working up a sweat in our fully equipped gym or after a refreshing dip in the pool, guests can relax at the nearby sauna and steam room.

Guests can also pamper themselves at the Treat Suites which have spa facilities including private baths with TVs.





So book a stay with us and indulge in some pampering today!

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