The rise of the digital age has seen the rise of the internet generation.

Advances in technology have revolutionized the way we live. Years ago, only a select few could afford mobile phones or a computer. Today as technology becomes increasingly accessible and affordable, almost everyone has either a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

In today’s modern world, we use the internet for everything – from work and socializing with others, to academic, digital entertainment, and e-commerce. With the heavy reliance on the internet, It’s pretty unfathomable to imagine life without the web. It does make one wonder how people ever managed to do anything at all before the internet came along.

And whilst there are people who have grown up without the internet like your grandparents and ours, there are plenty of others who have – Generation Z aka the “digital natives”.

We are constantly plugged in to our technological devices, and we rely on this connectivity in order to function in today’s society. It has become much easier to do stuff like pay bills, look up information, conduct business, catch up with friends and family around the world through social networking and more. The internet allows us to access this technology, and as such, the reluctance to not want to be disconnected/offline for ‘long’ periods of time is understandable.

We understand that in order for you to stay updated, you have to stay connected. And when you’re away from home, you seek a comfy, functional space that seamlessly meets your individual business and leisure needs. The smartest facilities designed around your lifestyle.

Enter Capri by Fraser, the new concept of hospitality.

For your entertainment, our spacious suites come fitted with impressive home entertainment systems that include LED TVs, DVD players and iPod docking stations to add to the pleasure of “staying in”. The laundrettes on every floor are also equipped with devices like Xbox Kinect and Wii, so that you can have fun even when doing the laundry.

Urban inspired high-tech and intuitive, Capri by Fraser empowers residents with a menu of intelligent services to choose the way they want to rest, relax and recharge. Its “always on” e-efficiency experience includes iPad activated check-ins, interactive e-concierge, AirPrint and Wi-Fi e-Print facilities for business, meeting rooms with interactive walls, and a Data Box to charge all digital devices. Should residents so wish, a selection of unique leisure experiences, ranging from Harley motorbike rides and sports car drives to salsa dancing and personal pilates sessions, are also available as part of Capri by Fraser’s customisable online menu.

Last but not least, there is free high-speed Wi-Fi all throughout the hotel so you can stay connected whenever and wherever.

Book a stay with us today!

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