Why staying in serviced apartments is better for you and your wallet

Fraser Suites Shanghai apartment

When it comes to finding an accommodation for a short or long stay, there are a wide range of options available to choose from, with the  most preferred options being hotels and the serviced apartments. Both of these accommodations are vastly different and unique in their own ways. Serviced apartments are not a new thing, in fact these sort of accommodations are quite popular with business travelers who prefer serviced apartments over hotels for the ‘homely’ feeling. The many benefits of staying in a serviced apartment has also seen leisure travelers making the switch from hotels especially people who travel with large families.

Serviced apartments are also a solution for expat families needing temporary accommodation. Self-contained and fully furnished, serviced apartments are designed for short, medium  or long term stays with all the facilities and fittings. They include many features that one would typically associate with a hotel, such as daily linen service, maid service, 24 hour porterage, swimming pools, fitness centers. The serviced apartments combine features from traditional hotels with the features from home, making them suitable for all travelers.

Fraser Suites Edinburgh Living Room

1.  Spacious Accommodation – On average a serviced apartment provides up to twice as much space as compared to a typical standard hotel room. Unlike hotel rooms which only has a bedroom and bathroom (unless it is an expensive suite!) serviced apartments have a number of rooms. Whether the choice is a studio or a 2 -3 bedroom apartment, it offers a separate kitchen, a well equipped living/working area and bedroom/s.  In summary, serviced apartments have a lot more space! Not only do you get more bang for your buck, you also get some privacy if you are sharing the apartment with someone else.

Fraser Suites Beijing

2. High Quality – Serviced apartments offer a high standard of contemporary furnishings and other amenities that you would expect of a hotel room and more:

▪Fully equipped kitchen (with dishwasher & washer/dryer)

▪Luxurious bath with spa products

▪High quality bed linen, towels, and toiletries

▪Home entertainment facilities – Cable TV, DVD, CD  and other  in-room technology.

Fraser Place Fusionopolis

3. Home away from home  –  One of the main benefits of staying in serviced apartments is that you have all the comfort of a home as opposite to the typical hotel room experience.In serviced apartments you enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose to eat in from time to time; from having a chef prepare the menu for a dinner party you’re hosting in the apartment to relaxing on your own with a simple nice home-cooked meal. You can prepare your favorite dishes even when you are away from home and also cater for any specific dietary requirements that you or your family members may have thus avoiding the stress of finding a suitable place to eat out. Business travelers in particular can spend several weeks or months away from home for work and having a home-like environment offers maximum flexibility, comfort, and independence. Like being at home, cook what you like, play a DVD, listen to music, invite friends around for a meal and drinks – the choice is yours.

Frasers Hospitality

Fraser Place Canary Wharf

4. More cost effective – Staying in a hotel can be expensive, not just because of the room cost but also because of all the meals that one has to eat out. Staying in a serviced apartment can help keep your expenditure down. Not only are they more affordable as compared to hotels, you can also buy your own groceries and cook your own food which means eating out is now an option rather than the only way to not starve! For a family on holiday, expenditures can easily spiral out of control. For instance every coffee, juice or beer would cost far less in the apartment than it would in a restaurant. Not eating out when you don’t have to, allows for a significant amount of cost savings. Also hotels charge for single or double occupancy, whereas apartments only charge per apartment, so if you booked a one bedroom apartment which can accommodate up to 2 people, you pay the same whether it is for 1 person or 2 persons. Colleagues or family groups sharing a two or three-bedroom apartment with en-suite facilities do not sacrifice their privacy, but the total bill for two weeks will be dramatically much less than two or three hotel rooms for the same period. In addition, serviced apartments often offer an additional pullout bed in the living area to put up the occasional guest as required, incurring no extra cost whereas a hotel would charge you for having a guest.

Why Choose Frasers Hospitality?

Location, Comfort, Impeccable Service –  Whether you are traveling on business or for leisure,  these are the key essentials for any stay. We tirelessly work to meet your travel needs, whatever the purpose and duration of your stay may be with us. Whether it’s for a week away with your family, an individual short-stay, or a large group, or a business relocation, Frasers Hospitality’s dedicated team will deliver nothing less than service excellence. We will spare no effort and expense to help you personalise your individual residences, and turn each apartment into a home you’ve always wanted, complete with full appliances and amenities! If you have little children around, speak to us and we’ll even child-proof the apartment for you!

Our luxury serviced apartments can be found in Asia’s key gateway cities of Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Manila, Hanoi, Nanjing, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Chengdu, Seoul, Shanghai, Jakarta, Osaka and Shenzhen as well as in Sydney, Australia and the European cities of Paris, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest and Istanbul and Doha.Currently, a series of exciting new corporate apartments are being added to our portfolio.
In the Middle East our executive apartments are located in Bahrain and Dubai and with further projects underway Saudi Arabia and Oman while in Asia we are developing further corporate housing in Bangkok, Bangalore, Guangzhou, Gurgaon, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and Tianjin. Recently Frasers Hospitality has launched its third brand “Capri by Fraser” with the soft opening of the 313-suite Changi City/ Singapore at Changi Business Park.

Capri by Fraser

Capri by Fraser, Changi City Singapore – Capri by Fraser is designed to bring together the facilities and services of a smart hotel, together with the comfort and convenience of a full serviced residence, and a hotel concept designed with to meet the needs of today’s tech-forward travelers. The Changi City/Singapore accommodation offers a range of studios that come complete with fully equipped kitchenettes, walk-in wardrobes and luxury bathrooms.Each floor has Spin & Play, integrated themed laundrettes where Wii, Xbox Kinect, Foosball, iPads, punching bags, TRX suspension training and Ciclotte exercise machines keep guests, who want to do their own laundry, entertained between spin cycles. The hotel residence also features meeting facilities, treat suites, 24-hour gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, a variety of dining options, and a host of e-efficiencies – including free and fast wireless internet – to help today’s tech-forward travellers stay connected.

Capri by Fraser Changi City Bedroom

Capri by Fraser Changi City Lounge

Located in Changi Business Park, directly across from one of South East Asia’s largest exhibition centres Singapore Expo, Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singaporeis part of the Changi City development, which also comprises a commercial building and a shopping mall with a variety of dining, retail and entertainment options.

So the next time you travel, whether for business or leisure, stay at our serviced apartments and experience the Fraser Difference.

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