Have your very own personal Pilates class at Capri by Fraser

How many times have you found yourself to be working too hard and lacking the time for leisure pursuits? Quite often, leisure time is secondary to work for many businesspeople and working professionals leading a hectic and stressful work life. To create a healthy balance between work and life for guests, Capri by Fraser has offered a range of unique activities, from sports car drives to salsa dancing and personal Pilates session, for them to rest, relax and recharge.

Capri by Fraser offers personal Pilates classes right at your door step. The hassle to travel out of the hotel to Pilates studio can be saved because guests can take a short breeze walk to the workout spaces located in the residence for their Pilates classes. Signing up for our personal Pilates classes with specially trained instructors also requires minimal effort. Guests can simply register for a personal Pilates session using Capri’s online menu in the comfort of their rooms.

Pilates pose (Taken from Wikipedia)

Before engaging in any exercise or sport, it’s always good to learn more about its origins and benefits.  The same goes for Pilates. Developed by a German physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the Pilates Method is a system of mind-body exercises that can be practiced on a floor mat or using resistance exercise equipment.  During Joseph Pilates’ internment in the World War I, he invented a series of body conditioning movements and some exercise equipment to rehabilitate the bed-ridden war victims. After his release, he opened a fitness studio with his wife to teach Pilates in New York City. Pilates gradually gained popularity in the dance community and became integrated into the training for professional dancers at numerous studios and under several famous instructors such as Rudolf von Laban who created the “Labanotation”, the most widely used dance notation today.

Although new ideas have been incorporated into Joseph Pilates’ exercise concepts, the original six principles of Pilates are still widely practised today: concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing.  Beginners who have no clue what these principles mean do not have to worry. Our trained and experienced instructors will guide you along.

Today, Pilates has become a very popular form of exercise with more than 12 million people worldwide practising it. One of the main reasons resulting in the phenomenal growth of Pilates is its incredible health benefits. From building flexibility, strengthening muscles to improving body shape and promoting relaxation, Pilates is a minimal impact exercise, ideal for people with chronic injuries.

A quote by Joseph Pilates goes, “I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.” So why not make your stay at Capri by Fraser a happier and healthier one by signing up for our personal Pilates session?

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