Capri by Fraser – Lifestyle Needs of the Digital Generation

Capri by Fraser

Capri by Fraser, Frasers Hospitality’s newest addition to its brand portfolio, focuses on creating a desired moving and living space for guests to attain a holistic balance between work and leisure. To meet the lifestyle needs of the digital generation, an extensive range of high-tech facilities and customisable services such as iPad activated check-ins, a Data Box to charge all digital devices, and an interactive e-concierge is provided to let our guests decide the way they want to rest, relax, and recharge. To further facilitate and enhance the digital experience for our guests, free high speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the residence.

One of the distinguishing features of Capri by Fraser which makes this smart hotel stand out from the rest is the type of leisure experiences that are offered. Bored with typical activities such as cycling, swimming, playing golf and going to the gym? Capri by Fraser has a tantalisingly tailored menu of leisure activities that may just blow your mind away. From Harley Davidson motorbike rides and sports car drives to salsa dancing and your very own personal Pilates session. And tech savvy guests can sign up for these unique activities using online menus, in the comfort of their rooms.

These innovative leisure activities at Capri by Fraser are tailored for the modern traveller that plays to a different beat from that of the business travellers of the past. For adventurous guests and petrolheads, Harley motorbike rides and sports car drives are two adrenaline pumping activities that should not be missed. Experience the joy and freedom of riding a Harley motorbike – cruise along the roads to the pulsating sound of its powerful engine, and feel the wind in your face. If you are a car lover, you would absolutely love this one – driving sport cars. There is perhaps nothing more exciting and sweat inducing than to be able to get behind the wheel of a finely tuned and engineered 12 cylinder engine, 740 horsepower and 8000 rpm (revolutions per minute) machine. It’s like every man’s childhood dream come true.

For guests wanting something with perhaps less speed, there is the option of salsa dancing. Join the salsa sessions with a partner or get one there, and be prepared for some hip shaking, twisting and lots of fun. Think you have two left feet? Don’t worry about it. In fact, beginners are more than welcome to join the classes! And at the end of it, dazzle like a pro on the dance floor. For something more holistic, guests can opt for a personal Pilates session with trained instructors. Stretch your tired body out, revitalise and rejuvenate your mind, while at the same time increasing your muscle flexibility and strength.

So experience the Fraser Difference when you stay at Capri by Fraser. Life’s too short to not have fun.

For enquiries or reservations, please call 1800 313 13 13 or

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